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Ingvar Hällerståhl

I was born 1953 in Kristianstad, (in the south of Sweden) and I now live in Stockholm,
From the year of 2006 I am not playing the Tuba as a professional,
Year 2005-2014 I worked at the Union, The Swedish Federation of professional Musicians, called SYMF as an economist and ombudsman. From 2015 I am plying the tuba a little bit more than during the almost 10 years with SYMF.

I am a Music Publisher too, the name of my company is Blås-Basen.
I run the company as a hobby, at least so far.

I studied music and tuba playing at MALMÖ MUSIKHÖGSKOLA, 1972-75.

Tuba teachers:
    Palmer Traulsen     Det Konglige Kapell, Denmark, 1972-74
    Jørgen Arnsted    Odense Symphony Orchestra, Denmark, 1974-76
    Robert Tucci    Münich, Germany, 1977
    John Fletcher    London Symphony Orchestra, England, 1980
    Michael Lind    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Stockholm, Sweden 1977-1987

    Regionmusiken in Sollefteå    Brass ensemble, 1976
    Lurjämtarna    Brass ensemble, 1976-1989
    Regionmusiken in Östersund    Concert band, 1976-1989
    Östersund Big Band    Big band, 1978-1989
    Umeå Symphony Orchestra    1987-1988
    Umeå Symphony Orchestra    1989-2006
    From year 2000 the name is changed to Sympony Orchestra of Norrland's Opera
Other orchestras, bands, groups and ensembles (examples):
    Röke Musikkår    Youth concert band, 1970-1976
    Lund Stadsorkester    Symphony orchestra, 1972-1975
    Hässleholms Stadsorkester    Concert band, 1972-1975
    ABF Musikkår, Trelleborg    Concert band 1973-1976
    Östersunds Orkesterförening    Symphony orchestra, 1976-1989
    Regionmusiken in Linköping    Concert band, 1984
    Umeå Musiksällskap    Symphony orchestra, 1987, 1990, 1994
    Skellefteå Orkesterförening    Symphony orchestra, 1990
    Gotlandsmusiken, Concert band, 1991
    Sundsvalls Orkesterförening    Symphony orchestra, 1994
    Wolwerine Jazz Band    New Orleans jazz band, 1982-1989
    VABigBand    Big Band , 2002-2006
    SJ Concert Band, Concert Band 2006-2018, now and then
    Stockholmspolisens Musikkår, Concert band, 2006-continue
    Byglingarne, Brass sextett, 2007-continue
    Oktetten Ehnstedts efterträdare, Military Wind octett 2007-2014
    Solna Brass, Brass Band 2010-2011
    S:t Thomas Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra , now and then since 2012
    Torgny Hanson Wind Orchestra, Symphonic band, 2014-continue
    S:t Matteus Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra , now and then since 2015
    S:t Eriks Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra , now and then since 2017
Major solo performances:
    Malmö Symphony Orchestra    R.W. Williams, Tuba Concerto, 1974
    Regionmusiken in Östersund    R.W. Williams, Tuba Concerto, 1978
    Östersunds Orkesterförening    E.v. Koch, Tuba Concerto, 1981
    Umeå Musiksällskap    E.v. Koch, Tuba Concerto, 1990
    Jämtlands Sinfonietta    Premiered W. Swiergiel, Tuba Concerto, 1992
    Umeå Symphony Orchestra    R.W. Williams, Tuba Concerto, 1992
Can be heard on this recordings:
    Röke Musikkår    Cantio SLP 525
    Röke Musikkår    Fellowship F 225
    Wolverine Jazz Band    Koster LLPS 148
    Wolverine Jazz Band    Slandrom SL 4269
    Thérèse Juel    Metronome MLP 15820
    Umeå Symphony Orchestra    Umeå Festival of Arts UFA 901030
    NorrlandsOperan    NorrlandsOperans vänner NV 001
    Renhornen    Renhornen RLPS 005
    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera / Roy Goodman    Sterling CDS-1040-2
    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera / Kristjan Järvi
    Shifting Landscapes     CCn'C 01912 SACD
    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera / Kristjan Järvi
    Lycksalighetens Ö     Phono Suecia PSCD722(1-2)
    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera / Kristjan Järvi
    Daniel Schnyder Songbook     CCn'C 02322
    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera / Kristjan Järvi
    In the new world and beyond     CCn'C 02962
    Järfälla Musikkår (Järfälla concert band)
    Ett halvt sekel i musikens tjänst     Living Sounds 7320470116180
    Oktetten Ehnstedts efterträdare
    Kring julgran     Swedish Society SCD1151
My instruments:
    Aug. Heisser Potsdam tuba in F    From approx. 1850, five piston valves, needs reparation.
    Miraphone tuba in F    My 60 year old jazz tuba, four rotary valves.
    Melton tuba in F    Six rotary valves.
    Hirsbrunner tuba in CC    Five rotary valves, trigger on 1st and 2nd valves.
    Wenzel-Meinl, Cimbasso in F    six rotary valves, trigger on 2nd valve.
    Ceverny, baritone in Bb    four rotary valves.
    Unlabeled Marching Bariton 3 piston valves
    Ceverny, Helikon in Eb/F very large boring, 4 rotay valves
Mouthpieces that I use (there is a lot more of them in my drawer): My interests:
    Macintosh computers    I tried a computer for the first time at an age of 40.
    Jazz music    I love to listen to and play jazz, I'm great on jazz ballads.
    Single malt whisky    Fettercairn, Glengoyne, Macallan, Glen Garioch, Lagavulin, Longmorn, Caol Ila, Ben Nevis are my favorites so far.
    Making candlelights    A matter of recycling and experimenting with colours and shapes.

Response, comments and questions are welcome, just mail!!

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